Aspire’s purpose is

To develop authentic leaders who unleash the greatness in their people

Over the 25 years I have actively been developing thousands of leaders around the world, I have learned that one thing above all else determines whether someone will complete a leadership development program and actually grow to become an effective leader – or whether they will go back to their jobs and carry on as though nothing had happened…


In order to grow and achieve our unique potential, developing an “authentic leadership mindset” is crucial as traditional approaches of developing skill-sets and toolkits alone are ineffective in these times of ambiguity and volatility.

The journey commences with helping leaders become consciously aware of their motivation for becoming a leader – their leadership mindset.

When we profoundly and sincerely discover that our professional purpose is to work for our team, to develop each and every person in that team, to unleash their greatness – then our leadership mindset is forever changed.

Once we develop this “authentic leadership mindset” we cannot go back to old ways of being. It transforms not only our working life – but all aspects of our relationships including family, friends – and even those people we would rather avoid!

Authentic leaders create cultures of high performance by deliberately and consistently exercising this mindset, intimately caring for their people and connecting their teams with the purpose of the organisation. They build trust with their teams which drives learning, innovation, engagement and performance. This can be measured through increased employee engagement, discretionary effort, excellence in customer service and sustainable commercial success.

Afterall, the greatest opportunity an organisation has to outperform its competitors is to unleash the boundless energy, ingenuity and commitment of its “greatest asset” – its people.

Authentic leaders at all levels are the key to releasing this tsunami of success.

What my clients say!

Andrea van der Merwe

Floreal’s reputation preceded him and once we started to work together it was clear why. We collaborated on the design of a Change Leadership programme for a senior leadership team. Floreal is a consummate professional with a depth of experience in the field of leadership development. I value his ability to collaborate and build on what is already there while adding fresh perspectives or challenges as needed. His manner is calm and connecting while keeping client priorities in mind. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.