Connecting People

Empathy connects people

Brenee Brown shares with us the critical role empathy plays in bringing people together.

Authentic leaders are able to empathise with their teams by revealing their own vulnerability.

This act of courageous role modelling demonstrates the leader’s trust in their people – which signals that empathy and vulnerability are an inherent part of how we do things around here (ie our culture).

Then watch the trust and engagement sky rocket!

Authentic leaders earn a trust dividend

How Warren Buffett completed a $23billion acquisition on a handshake

Authentic leaders know their purpose, are honest with themselves and others, and earn trust through consistently and predictably acting in the best interest of their organisation and their people. Stephen Covey highlights how these leaders enable things to happen quicker via a “trust dividend”.

Carol Dweck – Growth mindset

Growth vs Fixed Mindset
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The power of believing that you can improve (TED talk)

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Purposeful leadership

Simon Sinek – Start with why
How great leaders inspire action (TED talk)

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Learning about your why article

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Unleashing greatness

David Rock – SCARF motivation model
Leading people with the SCARF model article

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David Rock on the SCARF model video

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Time to perform and time to learn

Our challenge in a time-poor world is to continually perform at our optimal levels, while still growing our mindset and skills.
Without deliberately scheduling time to reflect and improve on our performance, we run the risk of believing we are always performing at our best.
Eduardo Briceno explains why we need to be conscious of when we are performing – and when we are learning. The two are clearly very related – but also quite distinct. Enjoy the TED Talk.

What my clients say!

Ruth Smith – Customer Culture and Belonging at IAG

Floreal has supported me both in being a confident and leadership coach. Floreal has a unique talent for creating an environment where I could explore challenges and create new ideas from a space of trust and genuine care. He has the ability to listen to more than the words, but also the ‘context and what isn’t being said’… asking the thought provoking questions to inspire action! Thanks Floreal – wishing you the very best in your next adventure!